Serious Writing Benefits us


Having been very busy working on graduation thesis since last month, I figured out that serious writing should be very important and of great priority in my work from now on. Why do I make such a decision? There are mainly three reasons.

  1. Serious writing helps me think clearly. If I want to convince others of my thoughts, I have to make them very clear to myself first, which helps training my mind.

  2. If my ideas were really inspiring and significant, they surely will take me a very long time to think out. Serious writing can do a lot of things in this period.

  3. Whenever we write down something, it’s archived and searchable. It can help us in our future work and if it’s public, people can be aware of our progress.

These being said, serious writing is a time-consuming job, especially when it’s for those know nothing about our topic. But it will never be a waste of time since it benefits us in above three aspects. It’s a good habit and should be persisted.