About a month ago, I graduated with a M.S. degree from Chengdu, and now end in Alibaba which is one of the biggest internet company in China.

Graduations are both painful and joyful, but for me they are more like thrilling. The eager to explore something new and the just proper fearness can excite everyone.

Hanzhou is a beautiful tourist city as I heard about, and worth exploring whether it’s a good place to live. About 33% larger than Chengdu in area, it holds only 62% of Chengdu’s population. The downtown area, 314 square kilometers, is a shrinking pit relative to Chengdu’s 598 square kilometers. Be this as it may, the area of the city really has little to do with me, :)

A profession like software engineers, should be pragmatic in a lot of ways. Programmers are always serious, precise, rigorous to people. Can they be romantic? Yes. I may learn some skills for life now, for the real pragmatism purpose.