A Lovely Sunday Without Procrastination


I was about to write something on Procrastination, but it’s such a huge topic for me to make it clear and solvable.

What is it?


procrastination is avoiding doing someting.

it’s not being able to get started.

it’s trying to avoid the inevitable.

it’s over complicating things yourself.

it’s being afraid of finishing something. some not knowning when, some not knowning how to finish someting.

How about this, I’ll share some things that are intentionally or unintentionally delayed by myself, at last they got finished and I could not be more happy about that.

  1. My toilet got broken about three weeks ago, I repaire it today and now it’s happily flushing.

  2. Kitchenware should have be ready a month ago, today they are ready ready and I cook my supper.

  3. A tiny problem on one of my working projects got fixed before dawn this morning.

All these are just exciting, and I think it’s good for me to keep on disassebling The Bombs.

Reference: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/LqRt_JYyK5o/