Changes and Expectations


Here I’d like to share some of recent updates of mine.


After a year’s endeavor on intelligent database auto-tuning system, to which I’ve devoted all myself since March last year, I’ve grown to be a Mr-know-sth on MySQL database, known each other’s advantages and disadvantages in the team, learned the absolute importance of self-motivation, became a fullstack engineer, and by the way, might possibly get promoted.

I met xiaoya, through friends. She is very smart, strong minded, beautiful, and sometimes cuteness is her label. It was she who undesignedly brought embellished sunshine to me. How lucky I was.

I’ve got a condo in a prefered district that meets the requirements of my family and myself. This city’s housing price has been rising vigorously since year 2015, it might be a good timing now. Mortgage shall be started paying next month, I gotta work real hard :)


It’s being said that I’ve grown up a lot, I don’t have a specialization field. It’s an urgent truth that I must find out which part in this project at current stage fits me the most, in other words, in which I can do better than anyone else.

Then it’s about being nice. There’s a popular game called Werewolf kill, in the game every participator must speak very carefully to convince others believe he/she is the good guy ( not werewolf ). Though it takes quite a lot of logic and performing skills, as a matter of experience, sunniness is the most important to gain trust.

And the last one, respect for everyone and what you do. Attitude changes everything, from heaven to hell, from happiness to sorrow, from anything good to bad.